Vega Holster

Rotary system - 8k31 - Vega Holster

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It is a system that allows the insertion and removal of the holster from a belt-loop system, from a leg platform and from a spring platform.

The system is made up of 3 parts, one M (male) to be fixed on the holster and two other F (female) parts to be fixed on the loop, leg platform or platform. Compatible springs to be used.

By sliding the M (male) part down to the end of the stroke inside the F (female) part, the two fit together. To disengage it, simply press inwards, using the thumb and index finger, on the two lower parts that protrude (E and F) and slide the holster upwards.

On the surface of part F (female) there are several holes in order to change the inclination of the holster. By moving the lever G upwards, the safety is released and the holster can be rotated until it is fixed in one of three positions: vertical, inclined or horizontal.

Brand: Vega Holster
Material: rigid polymer
Color: black