Vega Holster

Polymer holster - VKT8 - Safety IV - Vega Holster

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Holster suitable for professional use in uniform or tactical in special polymer molded in thermoforming.

The VKT8 Internally lined for a greater protection of the weapon and noiselessness has
a triple safety system and gives the operator the possibility of being able to secure his weapon during particularly dangerous situations such as:
fights, riot operations in the context of demonstrations or sporting events, etc.,

With the opportunity to disengage the 1st higher degree and always have the locking system of the jumper with 3rd degree engaged which makes the weapon safe but at the same time ready for use thanks to ease of release.

Superior safety system with easy extraction.
Automatic safety system on the Vega Pull Side bridge.
Retention screw on the barrel.
Compatible with all types of kits.